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Floor Boxes

Cavity and screed floor boxes.

1.Floor box manufactured from galvanized steel.
2.Frame and lid molded from high-impact polycarbonate.
3.Clamp fixing for fast installation 5.Steel frame & lid load test 740KG.

TFB1 Cavity Floor Box

TFB3 Cavity Floor Boxes

TFB1, TFB3 & Slab Box Accessory Plates

Compact Cavity Floor Boxes

Compact Cavity Floor Box Accessory Plates

TFB4 Cavity Floor Boxes

TFB4 Accessory Plates

TSB2 Screed Floor Box

TSB2 & TSB3 Accessory Plates

TSB3s Compact Screed Floor Box

TSB3s Accessory Plates

TSB4 Screed Floor Box

TSB4 Accessory Plates