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Defender offers a complete range of metal consumer units and devices for domestic household premises, combining non-combustible enclosures with modern, sleek designs.

1.Amendment 3 consumer units compliant with BS7671.
2.Robust British design dedicated for domestic household premises in accordance with BS EN 61439-3
3.Maximum cable space and an extensive number of cable entry points for easy installation.
4.Flexible board configuration to enable optimal combination of RCD, MCB, and RCBO use.

Switch Disconnect Incomer Consumer Units

RCD Incomer Consumer Units

Split Load Consumer Units

Flexible High Integrity Split Load Dual RCD Consumer Units

Populated High Integrity Split Load Dual RCD Consumer Unit

Shower, Time Delay RCD & Empty Enclosures

MCB Devices B Type

Double Pole Isolators

Double Pole RCD Devices

Installation Contactors

RCBO Devices B Type

RCBO Devices C Type

Timing Devices

Bell Transformer

Locking Device

Photo Electrical Light Sensor