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Founded in 2001, b2 electronics is a global multi-technology company that helps to prevent damage to electrical energy networks – more safely, more quickly, and more cost-effectively. Our high-voltage patents and use of the latest technology make b2 electronics a market leader in the field of cable testing and diagnostics and the fastest-growing company in the industry. We are engineers to the core, with the flexibility and passion that only a family-owned business can guarantee. Through our R&D department, we are constantly improving the performance of our systems and our vertical range of manufacture provides top quality to tight deadlines.

HVA More Benefits

1.Load Independent, true symmetrical sinusoidal output over the entire power range.
2.Automatic Load Calculation and frequency selection (0.01-0.01HZ).
3.Hign Output Power.
4.RMS Voltage metering of Voltage and current.Automatic measurement of R and C.
5.PC Software “B2 Control Center” with various reporting functions included.

Lockable Electrode Spacing

The adjustment of electrode spacing can be locked quickly, easily, and safely to eliminate the possibility of electrodes moving while handling or testing.

Very Bright And High-Contrast Color Display

An extra bright and high contrast display allows easy readability even under tricky ambient light conditions or in outdoor situations.

Highest Level Of RFI/EMC Shielding And Rugged Design

A metal case ensures the best possible shielding of interfering electromagnetic fields and constitutes verified protection for your IT assets. This rugged housing also permits tough field usage.

Low Weight And Very Compact Design

The BA Breakdown Analyzer models are the lightest and smallest oil testers of their ratings available.

PC Software “BA Control Center”

1.Manage up to 4 BAs from your PC simultaneously.
2.Start the test sequence remotely from your PC.
3.Create user-defined test sequences and implement them via Bluetooth or USB.

Comprehensive Test Reports

1.Print-out (BA75, BA80 and BA100).
3.Text and XML-file.
4.Measurement of oil temperature.

b2 electronic GmbH with its business division b2 High-Voltage is an internationally operating company, which develops, manufactures, and distributes practically oriented high voltage equipment for simple cable testing, cable diagnostics, and onsite oil testing. Several decades of development experience in the field of test engineering, a profound understanding of the needs of energy suppliers, and the will for improvement, equip the company with the skills required for lasting success.

The Most Innovative, Safest, Lightest, And Smallest - A Class Of Their Own!

The compact design and the unmatched HV output power to weight ratio, are second to none in the market and make the b2 electronic high-voltage generators the lightest in all classes at all voltage levels. The most modern power electronics, numerous patents, and innovative user interfaces help to secure this competitive edge.


The PC software "b2 Control Center" provides various options for test results printing, data processing, data archiving or analysis, and custom test set program auto-sequences can be created and uploaded ("b2 Control Center" in the scope of supply).


Tan Delta diagnostics (TD) allows a clear statement about the overall dielectric condition of aged polymeric cables (XLPE/PENPE), and especially any damage by so-called "water trees". The TD diagnostics can be carried out simultaneously with the PD diagnostics. This saves time and prevents pre-conditioning of the cable by the first measurement of two separate but sequential ones. b2 electronic offers TD-solutions either integrated into the high-voltage source (HVA models) or within the Partial Discharge Diagnostics System (PD models) or externally via hardware for the upgrade of existing HVA Hipot systems (TD models).


The Ultra-light Insulating Oil Tester Of The Ba - Breakdown Analyzer Series For Dielectric Testing Of Modern Insulation Liquids.

Comprehensive Accessories (Partly Optional)

The Ultra-light Insulating Oil Tester Of The Ba - Breakdown Analyzer Series For Dielectric Testing Of Modern Insulation Liquids. Insulating Oil Testing
1.Test vessels with incorporated oil drain and hose terminal for easy draining of test liquid (oil).
2.Test vessel bracket for the easy drain of test liquid.
3.Various options of test vessel material (glass, plastic), form, and size.
4.Calibrator accessories available. 5.Carrying bag, transport box, dust covers, etc...

ltra-Fast Switch-Off Time And Clear Detection Of Breakdown

he use of modern mineral or silicone oils, as well as new ester-fluids, generates new challenges for oil testing. An ultra-fast switch-off time (<5μs) is essential, for reliability, trustworthiness, and repeatability of any series of tests performed. Moreover, the direct measurement of the output voltage and the oscillographic display of the arc event presents a precise and reliable analysis of the breakdown.

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