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Ariadna IC2G

Ariadna IC2G


LV Energised Cable Identifier

There are many situations in which it is necessary to quickly and accurately identify live Low Voltage (LV) cables, for example, when opening a trench, making a branch in a line, before carrying out some maintenance tasks, when making a new connection, …

Merytronic has developed the Ariadna IC2G, an ultra-portable Cable identifier device which is used for positive cable identification, in Low Voltage cables.

The device consists of a transmitter (IC2G-TX) and a receiver (IC2G-RX). Its use is simple: the transmitter (TX) is connected to an LV cable and the receiver (RX) is used to identify or locate that cable upstream, towards the MV/LV transformer.

T SENSOR FOR pre-location of the cable

In maintenance tasks in LV networks, it may be necessary to know the route of electric cables.

Merytronic has developed a solution that allows a pre-location of the cable route with voltage upstream, in a quick and easy way, by simply connecting a T-sensor to the IC2G device.
• In Low Voltage Active networks
• Pre-location of the cable without cutting the power supply
• From any register point


• Positive cable identification without de-energising the network
• Works on LOW VOLTAGE distribution cables up to 250 V (50-60 Hz)
• Sensor Rogowski: identifies cables by placing the sensor around the cable
• U” sensor: identifies conductors by touching the cable
• Single-phase and three-phase cables
• Fast identification, achieved in seconds
• Simple operation due to automatic synchronisation between transmitter and receiver