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Ariadna Smart IoT Platform​

LVS | Low Voltage Transformer Supervisor


Advanced analytics SW platform that allows GLOBAL MANAGEMENT of the LOW VOLTAGE network, interacting with ADMS-SCADA, GIS and TELEMANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. Its different functional modules add value to the data collected by the sensors installed in the secondary substation:

• LV Grid Topology
• SCADA-ADMS plug-in
• Loss Detection
• Power Quality
• Device Management
• Product developed and marketed by Ariadna Grid, technology partner.


• Automatic client-network association (100% reliability)
• Short-circuit blown fuse detection alarm. Real-time notification
• Blown fuse detection alarm due to overload. Real-time notification
• Automatic detection of tampered meters by shunt (95% reliability).
• Earth leakage detection
• Energy balance at line level
• Inventory correction
• Device management: configuration, FW update, remote, massive
• Open communication protocols: STG-ADVLV, MODBUS