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LVS | Low Voltage Transformer Supervisor

LVS | Low Voltage Transformer Supervisor


The LVS device allows the status of the LV transformer in the Secondary Substation to be monitored. Compatible with any type of transformer, it has a three-phase voltage input and one or two three-phase current inputs for measuring electrical parameters.

Equipped with several communication ports, it allows complete monitoring of the transformer’s electrical parameters, including temperature measurement in the advanced version of the device. Its easy and intuitive user interface allows to quickly check its correct installation and operation.


• Transformer supervisor in the LV output: monitoring up to 2 different outputs. For indoor or outdoor transformers (on a pole)
• Feeder supervisor in the Secondary Substation: LV panel supply feeder or LV outgoing feeder
• Monitoring of any intermediate element of the LV network: feeder pillar, main circuit breaker protection box…
• LV network remote monitoring. Device compatible with a 4G router
• Measurement of harmonics in voltage and current and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), up to n=40 (*)
• Internal algorithm for estimating transformer oil temperature. This data can be used to know the transformer status, its overload level and its aging (*)
(*) Advanced version


• LVS Single (LVS-S), for one transformer’s output: 3 currents and 3P+N voltage.
• LVS Double (LVS-D), for two transformer’s outputs: 6 currents and 3P+N voltage.
• Electrical measurements: current, voltage, harmonics (*) and temperature (*)
• 2 independent communication ports: Ethernet and Serial
• PT100 input for temperature measurement
• Standard communication protocols: Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
• Cybersecurity in communications: Secure Modbus, EST client, OCSP, TLS
• Data integrity ensured by advanced protection features
• Intuitive user interface: LCD display, buttons and visual indicators
• Integrated DIN-rail mounting
(*) Advanced version


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