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Merytronic PI-3

Merytronic PI-3

De-energized 3-Phase Identifier

Merytronic PI-3 de-energized phase identifier is a robust, user friendly and advanced digital tool. It helps users to easily identify any de-energized electric cable and its phases, among multiple conductors, in substations, trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc.

The transmitter includes three inductive clamps and three crocodiles. Therefore, it can detect each one of the phases of a feeder without changing the transmitter connection. It also helps to identify both de-energized cables prior to be cut and open cables (once they have already been cut) to join the phases of both sides correctly.

Use cases:
• Phase identification in cables with both ends in short-circuit
• Identification of phases in cut cables without short-circuit
• Join two three-phase lines phase to phase
With a single device, any types of cables can be identified in both Medium and Low Voltage and it does not require calibration prior to identification


• Identify any De-energized cable
• Single-phase and multi-phase cables
• Signal injection:
>> Direct connection
>> Induced with induction clamp
• Max. cable length > 50 km
• Visual and acoustic indication
• Rechargeable battery in transmitter. Operation time > 12h (continuous injection with inductive clamps).
• It doesn’t require calibration before using it (calibrated at factory)


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